Our Testimonials

"We have operated a fleet of six B-737-300 aircraft for the management of Aviation Advantage on a long term basis. Their team provided all of the airport operations, fueling and customs compliance at a professional level which integrated seamlessly with our aircraft, crew and maintenance schedules to provide superior, reliable service for the end user and their passengers. We always look forward to doing business with Aviation Advantage and their clients."

Charlie Creech, President, Pace Airlines.

"As one of the largest tour operators in Puerto Rico, I charter passenger jets on a seasonal basis. Aviation Advantage frequently negotiates with the airline for the aircraft that best fits my needs and then does and outstanding job of managing the program."

Tony Perez, President, Tourismo Tours.

"Vacation Express sells vacation packages to most of the prime Caribbean destinations and utilizes chartered aircraft to provide the transportation for over 100,000 customers annually. We completely rely upon Aviation Advantage to meet our needs down to the last detail for all of the domestic and international airline and airport operations."

Gantt Cookson, Vice President, Vacation Express.

"Pan Am has provided a lot of service for clients of Aviation Advantage. We know that when we work with them, everything will be handled in an efficient and professional manner which eliminates the nagging details of meeting schedules and needs of the end user. They really understand the public charter business."

Gordon Long, President, Pan Am Clipper Connection.

"Xtra Airways utilizes Boeing 737s, some of which arrive from our partners in Europe and have to go through certification for domestic operations. Aviation Advantage helped us bridge the time gap between contractual start date and the actual date the aircraft was able to start service. This interim period was a difficult time and with their help we were able to manage the program to the end user's satisfaction by finding alternative aircraft from other airlines for several months. The knowledge of how to handle program operations by Aviation Advantage's experienced management is a great asset for any program requiring public charters."

Lisa Dunn, President, Xtra Airways.

"Public charters involve escrow accounting for passenger funds as required by DOT regulations. The financial management and integration of accounting with our banking procedures is handled by Aviation Advantage in total compliance with federal regulations and standard accounting practices."

National City Bank of the Midwest

"Federal regulations are fundamental to public charter air service and must be complied with at all times. Our firm has been retained by the management team of Aviation Advantage for over 15 years and they dilligently seek our advice and counsel on all programs to assure that all current regulations are fully implemented for the company and it's clients."

Aaron Goerlich, Partner, Garofalo Goerlich Hainbach PC